Jo Vannicola


Coach and Mentor

Specializing in – Acting for Camera – audition prep – speech delivery

For Actors:

I’ve worked with numerous actors one on one. After a few decades in the business, there are some lessons I’ve learned, and I know they will be of value as a mentor/ coach.

There can be a lot of pressure and anxiety associated with the audition that may tap into larger cultural or internal pressures – the pressure to look young, the pressure to represent your gender or community, dealing with tokenism or small roles, issues of power. Maybe it’s the lead role and you want to nail it. Maybe it’s just two lines.

How do we transform and let the internal pressure go? How to give your best performance with confidence? What tools do you need? How to reduce anxiety? I want to work with those who need someone who understands the pressures and hierarchies that exist in the industry, a coach that has been through it, who understands the multi-layered realities of being an actor in this time.

What we work on together:

  • Audition prep
  • Self-tape auditions. I will be your reader and coach your audition through zoom (you handle the techno).
  • Connect with material and break it down.
  • Relate to character. Understand the subtext or create it.
  • Make the character your own. Authenticity. Believability.
  • Using our own experiences to enhance and connect to the material.
  • Focus. Confidence. Dealing with nerves.

Mentorship and Public Speaking:

  • For Authors, leaders, educators, activists, and public speakers.
  • Reading from text and keeping the audience/ listener engaged.
  • Working through nerves, commanding, and captivating an audience.
  • How to pace yourself, body language, where to look, and how to hold focus.
  • For anyone who suffers from anxiety, has a fear of public speaking, or who wants to work on stage
    presence, confidence, etc.
  • Conversation and guidance around career building or exploring blocks, goals, etc.

Sliding Scale
$50.00-$60.00 for 30 minutes. Or $75.00-$90.00 per hour.
Please contact me through the website page/ form or press links for more info.

Emmy award winner. Genie, Gemini, and ACTRA award nominee. Shortlisted for the Kobo Emerging Writer Prize in Non-fiction, 2020. Recipient of the Margaret Trudeau Advocacy Award, 2021, The Blaze Award, 2021, and the Leslie Leo Award in 2019. Founding chair of outACTRAto, the LGBTQ2S+ actors committee in Toronto. Content creator.

AACE certified coach. Check out:

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